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Crosstown (North of 62 off Baker)
6000 Culligan Way
Minnetonka, MN 55345

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Our facility is conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 62 and Baker Rd. Minnetonka.


The program is supervised by the administration staff and owners. The education director and owners provide daily operational needs for the program, and each classroom is staffed by highly qualified teachers.

Assistant Teachers and Aides will assist us during morning arrival time, evening dismissals, and for our regular staff lunch and break times. All staff participates in a program orientation and in-service training workshops and seminars throughout the year. All employees undergo a background check. All children are supervised at all times. We maintain the following ratios required by the state:

  • One Adult for Every Four Infants
  • One Adult for Every Seven Toddlers
  • One Adult for Every 10 Preschoolers


To ensure that your child has the knowledge and skills needed to start kindergarten, Orchard Park Child Care Center provides nurturing care and quality educational experiences for the children in our care. We draw on the work of child development theorists such as Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky, as well as the work by other, noted scholars in the field of education such as Maria Montessori and Howard Gardner, as well as Loris Malaguzzi for our Reggio Emilia program.

We strive to stay current and utilize current theory and research in child daycare and child care, culture, development, and education through participation in workshops and designated professional development days. Our center serves as a model environment. In all areas of development (social, emotional, intellectual, and physical), the first months and years are critical determiners of the skills, attitudes, and values that will guide your child's make-up throughout life.

At Orchard Park Child Care Center our goal is to aid the child in the work of creating the person he or she will be. The areas of music, performing arts, and fine arts will be a curriculum focus that we will be emphasizing as we further implement the Reggio approach.

Utilizing our developmental understanding of children, we can have specific goals leading to the child's total development. They are:

  • A Healthy, Coordinated Body, Which Will Support the Child's Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development
  • Independence, Which Enhances the Child's Feelings of Competence and Maturity
  • Self-Confidence, Which Allows the Child to Try New Things, Make Decisions, and Take Risks
  • Respect for Others, the Basis of Meaningful Human Relationships
  • Internalization of Behavior and How It Affects Their Environment (I.E., Self-Discipline, Autonomy)
  • A Foundational Understanding of Academic Concepts, Learned through Exploration, Experimentation, and Repetition
  • Joy of Lifelong Learning

Understanding the attitude of the children about themselves, their world, and their place in it is the ultimate goal of our program. Parents and staff are encouraged to learn more about the normal development of children and to work together with our staff to support this important work.

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