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Child Care Tuition in Minnetonka, MN

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a child care center. At Orchard Park Child Care in Minnetonka, MN, we do everything in our power to create a child care program that works for and enriches the lives of parents and children. Contact us to learn more about our child care tuition in Minnetonka, MN.

Quality Child Care

Early childhood is a crucial learning period. From birth through age five, children learn most of the fundamental skills they need to be successful in school and as adults. Therefore, the quality and commitment of your child's early learning experience is of utmost importance. Let us help you in your decision-making process.

Once you have found a program that you believe best meets the needs of your child, the next step is figuring out how to make it happen. One big concern is cost. Quality care is not inexpensive. The costs of programs vary greatly. Factors which influence costs may include:

  • Education and experience of educators
  • Quality of facility and program materials
  • Whether items like meals, snacks, and diapers are included in tuition
  • The hours of the program (Our program run from 7 am - 5 pm daily, Monday through Friday)
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Questions to Ask Yourself

Consider your child's education as you would any long-term investment. There's a difference, however. You're investing in human potential, your family and ultimately, a sense of community and your child's personal safety, growth, and education.

Even if you feel strongly positive about the value of our program, you may wonder if you can make it happen financially. Before turning away from a program that you are passionate about, be sure to explore the following:

  • Does your workplace provide any scholarships or tuition assistance?
  • Are payment plans for tuition available (can tuition be paid weekly, monthly, or is there a discount for paying via check rather than credit card?
  • Does your family qualify for other financial assistance (i.e., low income/financial-need)?

Finding the Right Program at the Right Price

As you consider programs, you may need to think about how this investment is balanced with the other financial commitments your family has. If you have found "the right program" for your child, leave no stone unturned in looking at how you can make the program happen for your child.

Early education impacts a child's life. Programs come in all sizes, formats, and costs. Find the one that best meets the needs of your child and invest in their future. The return is worth it.

Tuition (Ask about our part-time rates)

Age: Infants: 6 weeks-16 months
Enrollment: 4/5 days per week
Price: Please call for current rate:

Crosstown: 952-938-3333

Age: Toddlers: 16 months-33 months
Enrollment: 4/5 days per week
Price: Please call for current rate:

Crosstown 952-938-3333

Age: Preschool/Pre-K:
Enrollment: 4/5 days per week
Price: Please call for current rate:

Crosstown 952-938-3333